8 Essential Tips About iPhone Data Security

8 Essential Tips About iPhone Data Security

As we know that several tech companies are hell-bent on shopping data of users, Apple the biggest tech brand has become persistent when it comes to protecting the privacy and security of users. For those users who put the security of private information above anything else, there had never been a perfect time to switch to iOS before. Yes, iPhone is always a better option for mobile users, you can easily repair used iPhones after visiting any reliable pawnshop. As well as, you can get instant cash for your worthy used device.

With a slew of important measures, Apple has improved the security and privacy process of iOS 13. So, data trackers/followers no longer have a free run. Furthermore, they must make it crystal pure as to why they are following and what type of data they have chosen up.

These are the essential tips to make your iPhone and iPad more protected and safer in 2019, whether you are new to iOS or iPadOS or have driven the Apple ecosystem for years. Certainly, you might previously be knowing some tricks but I bet there are pretty a few features that you might not have come through as yet. Having said that, let’s get on with the essential tips about your precious iPhone data security!

1.   Allow Applications Only Once to Track Your Location

In your cell phone’s background, no more continues location tracking. Unlike before, you can allow applications only once to access your location. So, the next time they require to have your data location, they must inquire for your authorization.

That is not all, applications must have to come up clean with the purpose of why they require your data location. A popup will appear on the phone’s screen with 3 options, whenever an application gets access to your location, these options are,

  • Allow While Using App
  • Only Once
  • Don’t Allow

So, ‘Select Only Once’ in the popup.

2.   Remove Data Location from Pictures and Videos

One is a must-have feature, for all the social media lovers or someone who likes uploading their pictures and videos for long-lasting memories all over the web. It provides a straightforward way to eliminate geotags from photos so that no one can discover where the shots had been taken.

Tap on ‘Options Button’ in the share sheet and disable the toggle Location, while uploading photos. If your phone is damaged or you can’t enjoy low-specs of your cell phone, you have the option to sell used iPhones and make money from it.

3.   Get Location Alerts

Features such as “Location Alerts” keep you completely alert as to what is happening with your information. Therefore, you have more grasp over your confidentiality. Apple retains you in the loop over aware displaying the map of the data location that the application has chosen up when you allow an application to track your location. And oh, it also offers the purpose for that. To take benefit of this feature,

  • Launch Settings
  • → Privacy
  • → Location Services
  • → Location Alerts
  • Furthermore, turn on the toggle, if it is not previously enabled.

4.   Use Sign In With Apple

We must never overlook “Sign In With Apple” when we consider iOS 13 and certainly the recently announced iPad. It can go a long way in defending your information from falling into the wrong hands. Even though it may appear to be pretty related to other offerings such as “Sign In With Facebook”, it shows up from others on many fronts.

Most importantly, Apple does not accumulate the data of users nor does the firm sell it out to others. Also, your real identity leftovers protected because the tech giant forwards a unique email to you. Not to mention, it offers you a chance to conceal your email ID as well. Then, at the login page of any related website or application, simply hit ‘Sign In With Apple’ across platforms such as,

  • iOS, macOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Subsequently, you have the chance to edit your information and even conceal the email. Eventually, authenticate using ‘Touch ID or Face ID’ and you are all set to go!

5.   Always Go with Alphanumeric Passcode

Alphanumeric Passcode is one of the initial stages of protection that can go a long way in guarding your device. A combination of alphabets and numbers makes it truly a strong connection. Moreover, make the most of Face/Touch ID to stop illegal access to your private information.

Undeniably, the most advanced and secure feature in your cell phone is Apple’s Face ID which is powered by,

  • The TrueDepth camera
  • And it allows you to authenticate with the looked-for protection
  • Moreover, Apple says that it is superior to Touch ID as far as security measures are concerned

6.   Disable Control Center, Siri on Lock Screen and Notification,

Think again and again, if you think that creating 6 digits or alphanumeric passcode would safe and sound for your iPhone. Your locked iPhone is still reachable to another pro-iPhone user, who can effortlessly snitch into your device from Control Center or Notification Center. Anybody can swipe up Control Center and gain access on the locked screen of your cell phone, they access to,

  • Flash
  • Camera
  • Airplane Mode
  • Bluetooth, etc

Important Note: Notification Center gives stress-free access to messages and updates.

7.   2-Step Verification

2-step verification can be extremely useful in providing desired protection to your account. It lets you access your account only on your reliable e-machines, once enabled. If somebody has got the steal/access your passwords, your account will remain to be shielded and this the biggest and most obvious benefit of this feature.

8.   Clear Your iPhone History

One more imperative thing that can be very essential in providing supplementary protection to your private data is keeping the browsing history ‘CLEANED UP’. Delete the history once you have browsed any web and for any purpose, if you don’t want anybody to constantly search what you are up to on the web.

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