A Course In Miracle And God’s Teacher

Teacher of God

Specialness is clearly arrogance and being in competition with God, so a teacher of God has nothing to do with being a Course teacher even though many students believe otherwise. Looking at our arrogance in making such an assertion, we turn back to humility to teach us so we can learn from it:

Humility, on the other hand, would have students recognize that A Course in Miracles is “unlike” any other spirituality they have seen, and therefore what is required of them is the openness to being taught by “it,” rather than “their” unconscious teaching the Course what it is saying (Few Choose To Listen, p. 86, underline mine).

In ACIM, a teacher of God is simply anyone who chooses the Course as their path. That’s it! There’s no arrogance, no judgment and thus no one is different or special. We are the same in ego wrong mind, the same in Holy Spirit right-mind and the same ability to choose between them. Equals are at peace from choosing miracle-mindedness or the right-miracle-mind wherein His Vision sees sameness in everyone.

Unhealed Healers

a course in miracles lessons online, the definition of an “unhealed healer” is someone trying to give what he has not received. In other words, this states the fine line between the humbleness of learning and arrogantly teaching what we do not know. Remember, an advanced teacher of God is completely dependent upon God and has resolved the “authority issue.” This person knows that God is the author of their existence and never gets confused. Very few are at this advanced stage.

Unhealed healers are, “Arrogant, selfish, unconcerned and actually dishonest (P-3.II.3).” Through specialness, they are attempting to invent a function, i.e., a chosen Course teacher of God (for example) when they cannot even accept the function God gave them (and have no idea what that really means either). By believing in their invented function, they suspect those they are trying to falsely teach of the same treachery – betrayal of God – which they unconsciously feel they’ve done. Thus, they end up attacking pupils and teaching (and so will learn) the ego’s forgiveness-to-destroy.

Contrast that with how simple the Course is: Our only function here in the dream is true forgiveness (correcting the mind). By no means is it easy; but it is enough to have the willingness to learn it – a little and then a lot of willingness.

The Course is individual study and practice; and while messages come through forms, the “form” of the Course is sufficient. We are to only look with the Holy Spirit as our guide in learning to “know ourselves” and thus eventually resolve the authority issue (author of our existence) by undoing the ego which frees us from dependence on it. Eventually, we realize how “freeing” it actually is to be dependent on God and what a huge burden specialness has really been:

This course offers a very direct and a very simple learning situation, and provides the Guide Who tells you what to do. If you do it, you will see that it works. Its results are more convincing than its words. They will convince you that the words are true. By following the right Guide, you will learn the simplest of all lessons: By their fruits ye shall know them, and they shall know themselves (T-9.V.9).

Again, we must remember than no one goes down this path of unkindness, spiritual specialness or being one of the chosen ones unless they are so overwhelmed with repressed guilt and fear and must project out the guilt onto others as their disciples, pupils or those they’ve been “guided” by the ego god to help. The chosen ones as unhealed healers are attempting to do what they cannot even do for themselves. They have not yet worked with the Course long enough to understand experientially that:

There is no life outside of Heaven… Outside of Heaven, only the conflict of illusions stands… perceived as an eternal barrier to Heaven. Illusions are but forms. Their content is never true (T-23.II.19).”

Additionally, the Course teaches us that:

“Miracle-minded forgiveness is the only correction because it has no element of judgment at all (T-2.V.A, underline mine). Wholeness is the perception content of miracles. Thus they correct, or atone for, the faulty perception of lack (T-1.I.41).

Unlike specialness which believes salvation lies in taking from others in a world of chaos that is filled with lack, learning to forgive first is what leads us to true salvation and miracle-mindedness. In this way, we are not only kind to others, but kind and gentle with ourselves. True forgiveness is saying you would have nothing, no idols – nothing of the ego – before God’s Love.


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