After Orthopaedics, India to Achieve Remarkable Place in Neuro & Spine Surgeries Too

After Orthopaedics, India to Achieve Remarkable Place in Neuro & Spine Surgeries Too


The medical capability of India is famous across the globe. It has been a blessing for the patients both in terms of success as well as the cost-effectiveness. The medical procedures here are equally successful for both the adults as well as the paediatric patients. 

The country is the best in all types of organ transplants and orthopaedic procedures, over a decade now. Recently as per the survey, India secures the second position in performing the most number of neuro & spine surgeries with the highest success rate too. 

In the spine issues, scoliosis is one of the most reported problems. Over 3 to 5% of the children are born with this congenital disability. Well, it is nothing to worry about, as the experienced surgeons perform the best Scoliosis Surgery in India

More About Medical Advancements in the Country:

The reasons why the country is being a growing medical hub is the continuous research and unmatched efforts by the scientists here in India. Moreover, the country is the highest producer of all kinds of drugs and medicines.

So, you can avail the medicines and treatment at very cheaper rates here. Apart from that, we do not import any of the significant treatment machines from abroad, all the updated machines with advanced technologies are manufactured in India. 

Here there is such a large manufacturing unit, that we even export the medical treatment machines to other countries. 

Most of the scientists and surgeons in the US and UK are Indians; they have the skills as well as knowledge. So, the medical present and future are bright in India. 

The Indian surgeons, while practising the medical treatment in foreign countries, may charge high depending on the standard market rates there which are undoubtedly high. The reason for the same is the export of all the medical treatment prerequisites, hiring doctors from other countries, and other such purposes. 

However, when the same Indian doctor performs the treatment at their motherland with their resources, the cost is undoubtedly low. E.g., the price for Scoliosis Treatment in western countries starts at 30,000 US dollars. The same procedure that is Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India is only 5,500 dollars. 

In short, you can say in India; you can avail the successful and satisfactory treatment that too at a significantly lower cost. It does not stop here; the prime aim of doctors here is to save more and more lives. So, they are continuously involved in improvements. They try to get better results at a lower cost so that the treatment is within reach of a common man. They do not want anyone to die because of the inability to afford the treatment.

Final Words:

So, if you are looking forward to a treatment that is reliable yet pocket-friendly, plan your medical tourism to India. For availing ease and making your arrangements for the treatment, you can find the best medical tourism companies like Denesa Health who are ready to serve you 24*7. 

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