Dandruff- The Common Enemy Of Hair

Dandruff- The Common Enemy Of Hair

With long hairs, a lot of problems start arising that most of you face in your entire lifetime. Even the ones with short hair are not spared. Several problems come up on a day to day basis which becomes harder to deal, mostly due to the increasing pollution outside and also the lack of proper maintenance. Grey hair, hair loss, split ends, breakage and last but not the least, dandruff are some of the most common hair problems that we fight against.

Among the other hair problems, dandruff is the one that a person belonging to any age group can suffer from. Although it is harmless, but really who loves dandruff? Well, nobody. Many of you must notice the presence of tiny, white flakes on your scalp. No, they are definitely not snowflakes but they are dandruffs that are seen lingering on your scalp. Sometimes these dandruffs get removed easily, but at certain times, although it is harmless, it becomes hard to remove it completely.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is very common among people of all age groups. It is a condition that mostly affects the skin of your scalp. It makes the scalp dry and becomes itchy. This result in the occurrence of tiny, white flakes which is actually the dead skin cells coming out of your scalp.

Just because, this is a harmless condition does not mean that no treatment is needed. Sometimes, it may become severe if too much dandruff starts to form. So, before it gets too late, it is better that you start treating it immediately after its occurrence. The severity of this condition differs from person to person.

Dandruff in color treated hair

Yes, dandruff can be an embarrassing and an annoying situation. And wearing something black only makes things worse for you as the flakes of dandruff become more visible. As already said, treating dandruff can be difficult if it is too severe. You may even need to consult a doctor and use medicated products like a ketomac dandruff shampoo which is really effective for treating dandruff.

Too much use of commercial products on color treated hair can cause the color to fade out. While using mild natural products that makes sure to treat dandruff effectively while keeping the color intact. Here is how you can treat dandruff-

  1. Even if the dandruff turns out to be an underlying cause, it is better to keep your scalp hydrated by using a conditioner. Even use coconut oil to keep your scalp moisturized and hydrated. Coconut oil, with its anti-fungal properties is very much effective in removing dandruff. But in case you are suffering from seborrheic dermatitis the using oil too much can make the situation even worse. So, you need to be careful there.
  2. Go for a medicated shampoo containing ketoconazole as an active ingredient and ketomac dandruff shampoo Hindi price is also reasonable. Also avoid using too much of hair products containing harsh chemicals.

Therefore, treat dandruff while there is time in order to stop excessive formation of those stubborn white flakes.

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