Different types of Printing Method for Your T-Shirt design business

digital t-shirt printing machine

Many forms of printing are offered for your t-shirt style. Selecting the simplest one for you is simple once you scan through the professionals and cons of each methodology. Every printing machine is giving you advantages and disadvantages, but both facilities depend on your experience and business goal. Below, check out different types of printing methods for your t-shirt design business.


Screen printing

PRO: cheap thanks to the ordering of high quality and large volume shirts. Provide top class t-shirt design at a reasonable price.

CON: an expensive digital t-shirt printing machine methodology for small t-shirt orders, such as people measuring only ten items. The value is also affected by the number of colors within the style.

Screen printing is the most typical methodology for printing T-shirts in use today. Amateur screen printing is also a favorite hobby for avid DIY practitioners. The strategy for the screen printing of t-shirts is quite simple: a style is transferred to a pre-treated screen printing frame with emulsion, and also the method is transferred to the shirt by applying the ink through the structure to the shirt using a squeegee. Most of the graphic t-shirts you see in stores today make exploitation the silkscreen methodology.


Vinyl cut printing

PRO: The best printing option for t-shirts that need specific numbers, letters, or words.

CON: Restricted thoroughly and better for small quantities.

The vinyl cut could be a t-shirt print that involves the application of warmth once a style is transferred to a t-shirt. The planning is deepened in the heat transfer vinyl and then smoothed over the shirt. This is usually best used for techniques that have restricted colors and single numbers and words.

Many stores offer vinyl cut printing kits for those who wish to do it and feel comfortable in their homes. If you want to make your own, you can get the heat transfer vinyl and then cut your style with a Circuit machine.


Digital printing (DTG-Direct to Garment)

PRO: DTG printing is the best printing methodology for multicolored t-shirt styles and smaller orders.

AGAINST: If you are looking to avoid waste by creating a large order or minimizing the printing color, digital printing may not be the most comfortable option for you.

This t-shirt printing methodology involves printing directly using a digital printer in the chosen media. Since the image is mechanized and does not imply the maximum amount of homework time as screen printing, it is cost-effective for small t-shirt printing orders.

You can see examples of digital printing on graphic t-shirts that have multiple colors, gradations, and layers.

Color Duplicator Transfer Methodology

PRO: The best for transferring photographic prints to t-shirts.

CON: The heat transfer leaves a simple negative space around the style. It doesn’t work well in the regular laundry. It is best used for t-shirts that will be worn for a limited time only or as a ceremony piece.

Final thought 

If you are designing a family reunion or want to immortalize a photograph of your favorite celebrity in the type of shirt, then the color duplicator transfer methodology would be the easiest option for you. Like vinyl cut printing, it involves heat transfer. So thanks for stay with us and reading it, and if you have any concerns, please ask me below.

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