The packaging is important in every product industry, as it increases sales and promotes your brand’s name. However, for some businesses, its significance overshadows that of the others. One of such businesses in the food industry, where packaging plays a vital role. In addition to enhancing the value and impression of food products, it is also essential for retaining food quality and freshness. Especially for bakers and confectioners, packing holds much importance as bakery items need to stay fresh and presentable. 

Pie is one of the bakery items which is greatly loved by people of all ages. From family gatherings to kids’ parties, pies are served everywhere and are enjoyed by everyone. Plus, people also like to send delicious homemade pies as a gift to your loved ones. Pie is packed within beautiful boxes and containers at different bakeries, which quickly grab your attention. You can also design cute pie packing for the tasty pies you make at your home. Therefore, we bring you this article about ways to improve your pie boxes in 10 minutes. Give it a read:

Ways to Improve Pie Boxes:

There are several ideas to change your standard pie boxes bulk into something new and creative. Here are some very easy tips to improve pie packing in a little time. Let’s have a look:

·        Use Different yet Sturdy Material:

The perfection of your pie packaging greatly depends on the strength of your material. Instead of using your kitchenware for serving pie, you can use different materials for its packing. Cardboard boxes are perfect to be used for packing pies and other bakery items. You can easily make special cardboard pie packages at home. They are not only presentable but also sturdy enough to keep your products safe. In addition, you can also use biodegradable plastic and corrugated boxes for pie packaging.

·        Protect with Aluminum Foils: 

You can improve the look and safety of your delicious pies by using aluminium foil within the box. It will protect your product and will retain its freshness and taste for a long time. Plus, it will also enhance the beauty and detailing of your boxes. Your customers will surely love such boxes designed with extra care and diligence. 

·        Make it Handy & Manageable:

It is a great way to make your pie packages better, which will greatly impress the customers as well. People always seek easy and convenient things, and they are hardly impressed by complicated packaging. Especially for delicious food items, people do not like to waste time because of a packing that requires effort and technique for unboxing. So, you can design small pie boxes with handles, sliding lids or with ribbons that will make your boxes handier and more manageable. You can also design with boxes with separate compartments if you are making pies of two or more flavors. 

·        Beautify with Related Images/Embellishments: 

This is also an easy and quick way of improving the look of your pie packaging. You can easily find a lot of extra crafts stuff at your home, like beautiful ribbons, beads etc. that you can use to decorate your boxes.

Moreover, you can make paper flowers, crafts and other graffiti for adding on the boxes. Using the relevant images and designs on the boxes is also a great idea like if you are making apple pie, you can print colorful apple images on the boxes that will make your boxes more attractive. 

·        Print Your Brand’s Message/Details:

Another simple way to improve your pie boxes wholesale by adding information about your brand along with other essentials details, like your contact information, website address etc. if you are a big brand, then you can also integrate your brand’s message by printing your tagline or your logo on the box.

·        Try New Styles:

Lastly, you can improve the design of your boxes by trying new styles and patterns for making them. Like, you can change the shape of your boxes, if you have been using small square boxes for long, you can replace them with rectangular or circular packages. Also, you can design transparent boxes and boxes with several sections, which will also enhance the beauty of your boxes even more. So, by experimenting with these simple and quick ways, you can bring a great change in your pie packaging boxes. The improvement in your boxes will certainly impress your customers and will attract more sales. 

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