Popular Websites That Needs Total Web Redesign as Soon As Possible

We’ve saw thousands of websites with epic fail designs. If there are small websites that’s being the laughing stock of many, there are also successful and established websites that needs to achieve major redesign as soon as possible.

Once in a while, we came across some sites that are non-intuitive but all of these negativity shouldn’t be permanent. Let’s examine these sites which are fairly popular in their field but generally requires new look. Take their errors as guideline when it comes important content and design making decisions in case you’re planning to create a new site.


Craigslist is one of the largest online job portal in United Arab Emirates. Yes! It offers big help to those people trying to generate money through its variety of job offerings. But the thing is, its web design looks totally outdated. It was first launched in 1996 and it is still the same up until this day (2016). It would be ideal to add some drop-down menus to minimize the clutter but anything extravagant and flashy

The Royal Family

It is known to all that the British royal family is enjoying a luxurious life with all those castles and extravagant dress hats. But if you’ll go to their official website, you will see less nobility and elegance. If there’s no banner stating that this is exactly the official website of the famous British Monarchy, you will mistake it as a fairly common site. This website definitely needs a total make over.


There are approximately 72% Middle East Consumers who deliberately made their first purchase online for the last 2 years. That statistics simply goes to show that the concept of online shopping is fast accepted in Middle East countries. eBay is one of those top-notch online shopping site in UAE, but sad to say, it lacks one of the most important factor for increased sales – enticing web design. If you’ll notice once you visit eBay, you will see that images there are not even cropped the right way. They definitely need major redesign.

Game of Thrones

Since 2015, Game of Thrones fever immensely circulated in UAE. Two of its main cast made media appearances in the country. Since then, citizens became pretty curious about this hit TV Show. But unfortunately, these Game of Thrones fans were welcomed by the lousy format of HBO’s Game of Thrones page. More or less, a more captivating design perfectly fits this phenomenal TV show.


United Arab Emirates are very much into basketball. Actually, the United Arab Emirates Basketball Team have won numerous awards in the Arabian Peninsula. Because of this, more people are intrigued to see the official NBA website. But instead of a captivating web design (mainly because this sport is very famous) a totally crowded website will appear right in your very eye. With over 13 links entirely on the navigation bar, drop down menus with lots of clicking options, scores banner, and a lot more, you will definitely spin your head off!
There’s no Web Development Company in Dubai. But to web designers, they should at least consider the preference and usability of their prospective viewers. The above mentioned websites are just a few example of epic fail web designs that needs to acquire major reconstruction as soon as possible.


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