How to resolve your QuickBooks Desktop Connector Problems?

How to resolve your QuickBooks Desktop Connector Problems?

QuickBooks is an accounting code. When the use of this code, the person will track and manage sales and business transactions. The field unit is accessible in 2 versions such as online and QuickBooks Desktop. If you do not have the right net affiliation or you do not need to pay monthly subscription bills for uses, then QuickBooks online. Then the QuickBooks desktop version is the one that will be the best answer you choose.

Using the QuickBooks Desktop Instrumentation module you can be ready to integrate your Magento store with the QuickBooks desktop version. And, enables you to create a sales receipt of your Magento store order on the QuickBooks desktop. All knowledge such as client names, email addresses, ordered items, charge addresses, shipping and payment options, etc. that are synchronized with your QuickBooks desktop.

Installing Quickbooks Desktop Connector

For this, provides QuickBooks Desktop Connector as a standalone connector that you will simply transfer to your list of default Caesar connectors and can pick up.

To install Quickbooks Desktop Connector:

  1. Download the Quickbooks desktop installation file.
  2. Open the installation file and click on install.
  3. After the installation method is complete, click Shut.

The Quickbooks Desktop Connector is displayed within the ElastiCube Manager below Add knowledge > internet Services.

Updating your connector for QuickBooks Desktop

To continue coordinating with success, you want to update your connector.

Follow the steps below to update your connector and select the certificate again:

  1. Close the QuickBooks desktop and therefore the MineralTree connector for QuickBooks.
  2. Re-open the connector. You will be mechanically motivated to upgrade to the latest version.
  3. Click positive when prompted.
  4. Your new connector can transfer and update mechanically.
  5. You can currently open QuickBooks Desktop. Syncing can resume mechanically.

How to restart QuickBooks Desktop Connector?

Sometimes you have to troubleshoot your QuickBooks and MineralTree associations by restarting the desktop connector of your QuickBooks. This lesson can review how to do this.

Subsequent topics are covered in this article:

  1. Shunting Connector,
  2. Starting Connector,

Shunting Connector

  • Navigate to your Windows Task receptacle on the very cheap right of your main screen and click on the arrow to open it.
  • Right-click on the Connector and press “Exit.”

Starting Connector

  • Search for “ConnectorQuickbooks” within the begin Menu.
  • Click on the icon to start the QuickBooks Desktop Connector.

Remove and Reauthorize Quickbooks Desktop Connector

It describes a way to remove the QuickBooks desktop authorization for the MineralTree Connector. This may be necessary if the connector is displaying the message “Unable to open QuickBooks file.” Once deleted, you must reopen the MineralTree QuickBooks desktop connector to figure with your QuickBooks company file.

Remove QuickBooks Desktop Connector

  • Exit MineralTree Connector,
    • Right-click on the taskbar icon and choose Exit,
  • Open QuickBooks as Associate Degree Admin in Single User Mode,
  • From the command, select Bar Edit then Priority.,
  • From the Preferences window select Integrated Application on the right (on the right),
  • Click on the Corporate Preferences tab,
  • Locate MineralTree Connector Application,
  • Click away,
  • Close the preferences window,
  • Restart MineralTree connector,
    • QuickBooks should currently prompt you to beautify the connector,
  • From QuickBooks Application Certificate,
    • Whenever the QuickBooks company file is open, select it positive.,
    • Check – Allow this application,
  • Click Continue to Complete the Process,

Reauthorize the QuickBooks Desktop Connector

  • Login to QuickBooks as Associate Degree Admin in Single User Mode,
  • Launch MineralTree Connector (the most visible cutoff on your desktop),
  • The QuickBooks application can appear with the certificate screen below, choose the options below so that the click continues:
    • “Whenever QuickBooks Company has a file open, select it” (fourth option).
    • Choose “Login as administrator”,
    • Check “Allow applications to access personal data”,
  • Select Done and/or Done on the following pop-up.
  • Confirm those self-similar options in step three on the following window.
  • Revert QuickBooks to Multi-User Mode,
  • Please enter a token. Once the connector asks for your token, you will navigate to Settings> Company Profile> “Get New Key” and lie down within the Mineraltree web site.
  • The connector should then say “Synchronize with QuickBooks.” Note: After the adjustment is complete it will say “Connected to server”.

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