Resume Tips – Convert Your Resume to PDF

As a freelance labor manager I get a lot of resumes. Most of the resumes I see today are sent to me as an email attachment. That’s great for filing and storing them. In fact, if I get a paper resume on my desk it gets a lot less attention than it probably should. That’s why I think you should send your resume electronically.  And I think you should convert your resume to

If you send your resume as a Word document, the formatting will be subject to the user’s computer settings. And they’ll see all those red squiggly lines indicating a possible mistake. For instance, if you have an unusual word or name in your resume you’ll see the red squiggly line. Even if you add that word to your dictionary to get rid of the line, it’s almost certain it won’t be in the dictionary of the person you send your resume to. While that’s not a big oh-no factor, it looks a little unprofessional.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It was created by Adobe Systems in 1993, and released as an open standard in 1998. But all you really need to know about it is that almost everyone has a PDF reader on their computer, or can easily download one. And when someone looks at your resume as a PDF they see it the way you intended them to see it.

So now you just need to know how to do the conversion. Don’t worry. It’s easy. If you use Word 2007, Microsoft offers a free add-in called Save as PDF.  If you use Open Office Writer, the converter is already there. Just choose File/Export as PDF. Simple as that!

If neither of those options works for you, a quick internet search will show you that there are many free PDF converters on the internet. You just upload your document to one of the many conversion websites and they’ll email it to you as a PDF attachment.

So, it’s easy to convert your resume to PDF. It’ll make you look more professional. That’s a plus in today job market.


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