Snow chains and winter tires to travel by winter car

Snow chains and winter tires to travel by winter car

Winter conditions cause damage to roads in climates subject to persistent cold temperatures accompanied by heavy snowfall. That said, even some snow on a paved surface will create dangerous and difficult driving conditions.

Winter tires will give you much more traction to the usual weather tires and even in your stations. Tires throughout the season are suitable for driving in wet rainy conditions, but when there is little snow on the ground, the shooting band is not deep enough or effective for traction. On a flat surface, the braking distance is significantly reduced in snow conditions with winter tires throughout the season. It is not even worth mentioning the use of summer tires in the snow because it is dangerous and should never be taken into account. Even the smallest slope, like an alley, will cause snow problems with the wrong tires. You can try tricks like adding breeze blocks to your truck if you have a vehicle with rear wheels to try to get more traction; But, in reality, nothing replaces the best winter tires to allow you to safely drive to the snow.

In very intense snow conditions, adding chains to the tires will increase your traction and will increase by 100%. They will also improve your efficiency in snow or hardened ice compared to unnecessary tires. Even with steep tires, the chains will improve the stop distance in half. As a general rule, chains will only be used when requested by local authorities, for example in extreme winter conditions or in mountainous areas, such as on the ski slopes.

When using chains, you must know the axis of the traction and place the chains there. Traction is obviously necessary because it is the driving force behind the dynamics of the vehicle. If it is a front-wheel drive, for example, the chains must pass on the two previous wheels. You should pay attention to break lines, directions or suspensions when placing chains, making sure that the chains fit perfectly around the wheels. With all four-wheeled or wheeled vehicles, you need two sets of chains, chains at all wheels, because you need equal traction for all the wheels that feed the vehicle. That said, even in two-wheel drive vehicles, it is recommended to have two sets of chains, all the wheels with chains, not to compromise the traction. Having only one game in a front-wheel drive, for example, can slip back.

If you live in a warmer climate and visit a cooler during the winter season, be careful and know how to get close to these conditions. If you rent a car while enjoying colder winter weather, get a new winter-equipped vehicle or have chains that you can use if the conditions become very difficult. If your vacation plans take you to a mountainous area or to a ski resort, do not have any chance and make sure you are in a vehicle equipped for the season and conditions. Having chains is never a bad idea, since even apparently better-looking cars may end up in difficult snow conditions. The only solution is to benefit from the additional traction that only the chains can provide. Holiday time should be spent enjoying your time and experience in the country of winter wonders that you can visit, and do not frustrate when trying to get out of the vehicle.

If you visit the winter in Jaipur, consider your winter car rental services with Rajasthan Cab. We offer a wide variety of vehicles equipped with winter tires and even rental chains so that you can be absolutely sure to go worried about the Heritage resorts or the snow conditions of the Jaipur city tour package.

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