Spotify: The five tips to know to master the service

Spotify: The five tips to know to master the service

With more than 71 million subscribers, Spotify has become the music streaming giant in less than a decade. Despite fierce competition, it can count on a huge catalog of more than 35 million songs and a well-thought-out interface. And if the search for particular music is not complicated, even for a neophyte, the application offers some useful options that we decided to remember to your good memory.

Find your lost playlists

Those who juggle between playlists sometimes have trouble navigating and can make mistakes. Have you accidentally deleted your selection dedicated to Sunday morning jogging? It does not matter because there is a way to recover it. This will take you to the web client of your Spotify Premium Apk account.

Once logged in with your password, click on the “Restore playlists” tab located in the left menu. Then choose the playlist (s) you wish to recover and press “restore”. Open your application: they are back!

Conduct private research to listen to “shameful” songs

If you have subscribers on Spotify, they can see what you’re listening to in real time. Are you known (and respected!) For your knowledge of jazz, electro or hip-hop? So, seeing “Dragosta din tei” ,  “The Little Man Foam” or your last ASMR session on your reading list is not an option. Do not panic, Spotify allows its users to launch private listening sessions, although the content you listen to can be used for creating custom mixes.

In the application, go to the home and then go to the library. Then click on the “Preferences” tab and under “Sharing”, activate the private listening session. It stops when you restart Spotify or after six hours of inactivity.

Save Shazam in a dedicated playlist

The Shazam app has allowed millions of users to finally discover what was the title of a great music heard in a movie or on the radio. And Spotify quickly chose to integrate it into its own application so you can listen to it and / or record it on the fly!

Once Shazam recognizes a title, it is now possible to press “Listen to Spotify” if it is part of the catalog. However, you must subscribe to Premium to listen to them in full.

You can also link your Spotify account with Shazam. This will require you to connect to Spotify from the application Shazam.

From now on, all the titles you have identified will appear in the “My Shazam titles” playlist. Nothing will escape you.

Find artists similar to those you like

This is the principle of the application, but it’s always good to remember it. Spotify makes it easy to find music you might like with a feature called Radio. It has nevertheless changed places during the updates. On mobile, when you listen to a song you like, consider clicking on the three vertical points icon (or horizontal on iOS) to see different options.

Choose “Playlist Radio” to discover a playlist based on the music you play, as well as your favorite genres. All of this can be downloaded for offline use (paying member only). A very useful tool, especially when you start to discover a particular genre.

Adapt the quality of your audio to your data envelope

It is possible to adapt the quality of the music you listen to in order to save your data if they are not unlimited.

You have to go to the home, then the library and preferences to see a tab “Sound Quality”. Four levels of quality are available:

  • Low : equivalent to a bitrate of approximately 24 Kbits (HE-AACv2 format)
  • Normal : equivalent to a bit rate of approximately 96 Kbps (Ogg Vorbis format)
  • High : equivalent to 160 Kbps
  • Very high : equivalent to a bit rate of around 320 Kbps

It is also possible to choose the automatic option, which will choose the quality depending on the network you have at each moment. The mobile version even offers you an equalizer to set this aspect in more detail.

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