The Healing Power of Adjustable Beds

An adjustable hasta yatağı is more than just a luxurious bed frame. Electrical beds allow users to sleep at semi-elevated levels that align the body in a position of least resistance to gravity. There are many health benefits that result from this position, including a reduction in snoring, acid reflux, muscle tension, and arthritic pain. Based on studies that have been conducted, there are numerous ways to use these high-tech beds to deliver effective and safe healing benefits. Because of these studies, adjustable beds are now commonly seen in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and elderly care facilities.

The Therapeutic Effects Of An Adjustable Bed
The benefits one may attain from an adjustable bed are derived primarily from the device’s ability to change shape. Both the head and foot ends of the bed may be either raised or lowered, helping individuals to adjust their sleeping position in such a way that provides maximum comfort. In a medical context, the ability of these unique beds to be raised or lowered delivers additional benefits that help patients to recover from surgical procedures quickly and comfortably. Some of those benefits include:

Resting in an Upright Position: Adjustable beds can be manipulated so that the upper portion of the bed could be raised up to 90 degrees. This bed position may help increase maximal lung expansion for patients who have difficulty breathing. This is accomplished through redistributing the weight of the body so less pressure is exerted on the lungs and ribcage.


Health Benefits of Sitting Up: Resting in an upright position could also help people who have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The raised position will make it more difficult for stomach content to flow back in the esophagus. Furthermore, these beds could also correct snoring problems. When we go to sleep, the tongue tends to relax and blocks the oropharyngeal opening making it hard for air to flow freely. This causes a vibration in the tissue that causes a loud snoring sound. Because adjustable beds could be raised, the tongue can be put back to a neutral position to eliminate snoring.


Resting in the Trendelenburg Position: If a patient is going into shock, the whole body of adjustable bed could be tilted with the head part lower than the foot end by about 15 to 30 degrees. This floods blood towards the upper body and head areas, increasing oxygen and nutrient flow to the brain to effectively combat shock.


The Head Flat / Foot Elevated Position: A bed configured with the head portion flat but the foot portion elevated can assist those people who have a problem with the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. The Heat Flat/ Foot Elevated position helps by encouraging blood to return to the heart more easily. Fluids may cease to circulate and gather in the extremities if the patient is not sleeping with the feet elevated, resulting in edema. Elevating the lower body while leaving the head and body flat brings blood back to the heart with the help of gravity, helping to increase circulation overall.


Enhanced Comfort and Rest: There is no doubt that electrical beds, and particularly beds with massage features, are created with the comfort of the user in mind. Rest and sleep is vital component of making a healthy medical recovery, and these beds deliver unparalleled quality of both rest and sleep.

Adjustable beds assist patients in recovering from medical procedures by positioning the body at specific angles that promote blood circulation, reduce stress, and increase tissue regeneration. Adjustable hospital beds have a long time tradition of increasing both the quality and effectiveness of recovery time. These beds are undeniably an indispensable object for the welfare and benefit of many patients.

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