TILAPIA FISH- Benefits, Safety and Recipes

TILAPIA FISH- Benefits, Safety and Recipes

A brief

Tilapia fish is mainly a freshwater fish that is found in streams, ponds, lakes and rivers.  In the United States this fish is considered to be fourth most consumed fish as per records obtained in the year 2002.  This fish is easily available and is found in a very low price. Due to its easy preparation, mild taste and availability today it has gained so much of popularity.

Due to this very reason, today we will be looking at some of the benefits that one can attain by consuming it along with the safety and some tasty recipes that is commonly associated with Tilapia.

  • Firstly, the benefits associated-

  1. The Tilapia fish is very much well known and preferred among foodies around the globe not just only for its good taste and easy availability but also for its rich source of protein and nutrients as well. It has got a good source of protein which equals to 3.5 ounces per 100 gm. It contains carbohydrate of around 128 calories as well as per research. It is a rich source of vitamin and minerals as well. It contains a good source of Vitamin B12 along with Niacin, potassium, selenium and phosphorus as well. You can easily get this food online using Licious Coupons with great discount.
  2. As per observation, eating Tilapia fish can improve an individual’s heart and eyes. It also provides a good amount of health benefits to our brain as well. It has a good source of iron and vitamin B and D along with omega-3 fatty acids as well.
  3. Tilapia improves bone health, prompts weight loss and also helps in easy growth and development of the body. Among different other benefits it possesses, preventing premature aging is something that is worth noting and thus helps in reduction of wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging as well.
  • Secondly, the safety part-

The Tilapia fish is indeed a tasty one and can be cooked to prepare different delicious recepies that can certainly bring water to our mouth, but we must always maintain our own safety while consuming it.  The reasons are as follows below:

  1. Those who are pregnant must avoid the consumption of the Tilapia fish as due to unhygienic rise of the fish in different farms it may suffer with quality issues and thus can certainly have the possibility of causing inflammation to different parts of the skin which is quite fetal for those who have conceived.
  2. As the Tilapia fish contains high level of mercury it may easily cause problems to our nervous system especially those who are more sensitivity in nature like children, pregnant woman and older people as well.
  3. It has been found that Tilapia contains dioxins and PCBs which according to research have been found to be linked with some fatal diseases like reproductive problems and cancer and can certainly be life threatening when consumed on a regular basis.

    Thus it is evident that it is a must to take precautions before we consume the Tilapia fishes on a regular basis though it all depends upon one’s immunity and health. It is quite prudent to consult doctors and physicians if any adverse effect is found or in case of issues and concerns after consumption.

  • Finally, three recepies-

Tilapia is a fish which has the repute of presenting some lovely mouthwatering dishes to foodies all around the globe.  There are hundreds and hundreds of recepies that can be made out of this fish and enjoyed. Some of the most common and well known recepies around the globe are as follows under:

  1. Lemon and Herb Tilapia
    Lemon and Herb Tilapia is one of the most unique recepies that is preferred by all around the globe. It is prepared with different types of herbs and lemon juice added to give a stunning taste to the recepie. The Tilapia fish is boiled well and decored with seasoning.
  2. Stuffed and baked Tilapia
    This is another preparation that we all love to have in our plate in dinner. Mixed with buttery breadcrumbs, chopped celery and sage, the fish is stuffed with white rice added on the top and decored with lemon wedges before serving. This is one of the most liked recipes of Tilapia. You can apply for Health Officer Jobs to know about this field.
  3. Baked Tilapia with spinach pecan pesto
    Spinach and pecan pesto can go very well with a baked Tilapia and can offer great taste and health to the consumer. This recepie can be served hot with cooked rice and steamed vegetables.

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