Top 5 Mexican Restaurants In Chattanooga

Top 5 Mexican Restaurants In Chattanooga

Mexican restaurants are the hub for good and fresh foods. When it comes to Chattanooga it is also not an exception.

If one is looking for some good Mexican restaurants Chattanooga then these are the places they must try.

Molcajete Mexican Restaurant

This place is famous for bringing the authentic flavors of Mexico to the people of Chattanooga. They use some authentic and fresh ingredients and the varieties of sauces used here are from mild to spicy. Apart from an ample sitting dine space this place also has a lovely bar to offer. One can easily come here with their families or friends or even for a date and enjoy to the fullest.  When here, one must try the Guacamose salad, Ground Beef and Shredded Chicken Nachos, Paella Mexicana and Burritos. They can also get a kid’s special menu if they want to.

Taqueira Jalisco

This place is known as the place of heritage and here one can get the taste of a home cooked Mexican meal. Though it started just as a food truck in the year 2005 they changes it to a restaurant once it became popular among the locals. When here, one must try their cornmeal shells, cilantro gorditas along with some soft and spiced tortillas. One must also go for their shrimp tacos as they are extremely popular there. If one wants to step out from their comfort zone and try some unique and different Mexican foods then this is the place to be.

Abuelo’s Mexican restaurant

This place is located in the Hamilton Palace of Chattnooga and they do offer some exciting Mexican menu to their customers. Though it is a chain based restaurant but here one must try their popular dishes like Stuffed chicken medallions, Shrimp enchiladas, Australian Sea bass and more. One can pair these lovely food with some drinks like Blackberry mint mojito, Sangria swirl and Bud light. They have a nice and friendly ambience where one can sit and dine. If that is not possible there is also an option for online ordering where food is delivered a their doorsteps.

Amigos Mexican Restaurant

If one wants the best Mexican restaurants in Chattanooga then Amigos is definitely one option. They have some amazing enchiladas along with creamy quesos which one will die to have. One must try their bean and cheese dips, grilled chicken salad, nachos with beef and beans and grilled shrimp fajitas. They have a very cozy dining ambience where one can enjoy some authentic Mexican dinner with their family.

Fiesta Mexicana

It is said to be a top notch Mexican restaurant. The place is visually appealing and the staffs here are very cordial and well trained. Along with a Mexican menu they serve some varieties of American sandwiches as well. Here, one can try the tossed salad, nachos beans and fiesta dip. Apart from burritos and tacos there are fajitas as well.

If one wants to locate the best Mexican restaurants in Chattanooga then the above mentioned ones are worth try.

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