Why You Should Avoid This Emotional Love Affair

You thought you were the last person they would find if they went looking for an emotional person. You are now confused since you met this person who tapped your feelings and now you are all emotional. Which route should you take when it turns to be an emotional love affair? Everything you do turns out to be contrary to your expectations. Emotional love affairs turn out to be very hurting. It takes long to collect the pieces and move on after the break up. Every issue in an emotional love affair ends up in a mess. Keep your emotions checked since they are the same ones which brought you together. Love emotions can confuse human mind and beats all intellect. Be wise when dealing with your emotions.

Emotional love affairs crash down since intense feelings associated with them impair the level of thinking. A previously fulfilling ペアーズ ヤリモク takes a turn and becomes frustrating and saddening. Most emotional love affairs use the tit for tat phenomenon. An eye for an eye makes the whole love affair unhealthy. It looses direction and focuses on revenge. What do you think will happen when i feel so hurt that my partner has failed to call me. I might be dying to hear him talk but i do not care about what, even if it is nonsense but just his voice. I will not call him though it will be hurting. Imagine if he also gets emotional and reacts the same way. The affair will simply be a game of shifting blames and on the way to the rocks. To avoid an emotional love affair would be the best option, try and understand him.

I think i do not care if you love me so much that it makes you cry all the time. The problem comes in when you hurt me by the little things you do and it makes me cry. It is not worth if i hate how much i love you. It will stop being a love affair and turn to a war affair. An emotional love affair pushes each partner to fight with their feelings. The more you fight with yourself and reject your intense feelings the more it hits back at you. You will try and fail miserably most of the times. If you get lucky enough not to reach exhaustion, you will succeed in separating with your partner because logic dictates that such an emotional love affair is harmful to your social life. At the end of it you will have scars in your heart which you might take to the grave. To avoid this, do not encourage an emotional love affair at all costs.

An emotional love affair sabotages communication. When you are too emotional, language tends to hit the wall and expression takes a back seat. Without communication, misunderstanding is unavoidable. Please if you notice your partner is going down that route, talk about it. It is in a word. You will never guess it unless you keep talking. Be slow to anger and an emotional love affair will be news to you.


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